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All regional CDFB events are organised by volunteers. The number of workshops and where we are able to hold them, depends on having sufficient help! Some of us on the Regional Committee are very experienced at arranging workshops, and can readily support and advise others. Here are the main "tasks" involved in organising a workshop, please indicate if there are any areas you would be able to assist us with.
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Please could you put your name and where you are from in the box below, so we can follow up suggestions and offers of help.
Workshops for those with minimal dance experience
Workshops led by (Christian) dance professionals
Prayer and/or fellowship
Other types of creativity than dance
Other - please specify below
own local area only
up to 30 miles
up to 50 miles
up to 100 miles
more than 100 miles
prophetic dance and movement
other - please specify below
arranging a (usually Church) venue for an event
organising tea/coffee/squash/biscuits
producing flyers/booking forms on a PC
distributing flyers to local churches and contacts
being a "contact person" for a local event
teaching at workshops - please specify below
help prepare/clear up eg moving chairs